How to rent a property?

At Paradise Living we strive to offer you an ample choice of quality rental properties at all times. In order to give you a real picture of the properties we do not use special filters and especially wide-angle lenses in our photography.

When looking at a specific rental property on our website, you can see if the property is rented or available, and if it is rented, when it will be available. So you can send us your inquiry about the properties actually available for the period of your booking.

Most properties on our website are offered for long-term rentals only (minimum 3 months).

Ready to reserve!

Once you are ready to reserve a property the tenant will be required to pay a deposit and an agency fee. The deposit is usually equal to one month's rent although in case of some especially valuable properties or furnishings, the owner might require two month's rent as a deposit. The deposit will be returned to the tenant up on the end of the lease agreement as long as the property is left in the same order as when the tenant began occupation.

The agency fee is the equivalent of one month's rent plus 7% VAT. The reservation sum is normally paid by bank transfer to the agency's bank account. Up on receipt of the deposit and agency fee, a reservation document will be signed to fix the terms of the final rental agreement.

Payment and agreement

The first month rent is paid on arrival of the tenant, by the handover of the property in cash, so please ensure you have the necessary amount in euros. This is when the final rental contract is signed and you receive your keys to the property.

The lease agreement (Contrato de Arrendamiento) sets out certain provisions which are there to protect both the tenant and the landlord, they include the amount of rent to be paid and the payment terms, which party is liable for the utility bills and who is liable for any damaged to the property. Normally the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the property, however it is the tenant’s responsibility to repair damage caused by themselves through accident or willful neglect.

In the final contract it is customary to include an inventory of the contents of the home (provided the home is being let as furnished accommodation). This will help to address any problems at the end of the tenancy such as broken or missing furniture of electrical items.
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